On Destroying The East Village And Fudging The Homeless Numbers

by Sean Orr | Act of God: Vancouver mayor says city’s ‘warmer weather’ to blame as he fails goal to end homelessness by 2015. Who are these roaming bands of well-traveled homeless and do they have Air Miles? Should we put up a giant fence like at the Mexico-US border? Does this mean that with global warming Vancouver is set to become a giant refugee camp? Even if what he says is slightly true, it once again lets both Provincial and Federal governments off the hook. BC has some of the lowest welfare shelter rates and Canada is the only G8 country without a national housing strategy. But yeah, the weather.

Besides, you can always fudge the numbers: “City officials scrambled last fall to find temporary shelter for people without homes to get them inside before count, which takes place over 24 hours on Monday and Tuesday…”

I guess the proper segué would be “put all the homeless in here”: Translink paying $60,000 a month in rent for building that’s sitting empty.

Local architects create compelling images of transit vote implications. I’m supposed to be mad at hyperbole and “sponsored content”, right?

Meanwhile, this article was sponsored content on my Facebook, which is weird: Bell head meddled in news coverage. Sorry, but “Bell head” reminds me of Ali G a little too much.

Jenny Kwan nominated as NDP candidate in Vancouver East. Nothing to say here. Moving right along.

Honour Bound: Remove the “East Village” banners and the brand for our community. The Vancouver Lexicon takes all credit for your anger: “Listen, we can’t be friends any more if you tell me one more time that you live in the East Village…”

Speaking of rebranding: Government removes ‘Trans’ from Trans-Canada Highway citing family values. “An eastbound driver can’t wake up one day and decide that they’re suddenly a westbound driver,” said Conservative MP Rob Anders. “Children need to be protected from drivers who think it’s okay to go both ways.”

(Related) Scan of the Day:

Swarms of fire ants spreading their nasty sting along Arbutus corridor. Don’t tell that to Ernest.

Mish Way weighs in on PUA culture: The Game Remains the Same. But can’t we make the game safer? Couldn’t we follow hockey’s lead and ban, you know, ‘hits from behind’?

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