Private Casks Of Canadian Single Malt Up For Adoption At Odd Society Spirits

The GOODS from Odd Society Spirits

Vancouver, BC | Odd Society Spirits prepares to barrel their second annual batch of single malt and are thrilled to offer the public the opportunity to purchase a private 30 litre cask of their very own. This Canadian Single Malt is made from 100% BC malted barley fermented and distilled onsite.

The demand in 2014 for their first release was so high, they created a wait list for 2015. With only thirty casks available and a long list of potential owners, eager buyers are encouraged to place their orders immediately. This exclusive offer ends on February 9, 2015 and casks are priced at $1500 plus bottling fee.

“Rob Scope and I purchased a cask with a group of friends last year,” says Quentina Siah, local food and spirits aficionado. “The anticipation to take our whisky home is like an extended Christmas Eve — we can’t wait.”

All casks purchased are stored at Odd Society Spirits for 3 years under the expert supervision of distillers Gordon Glanz and Joshua Beach. During this time, proud cask owners can follow the aging process at a visitation and tasting event once a year.

Canadian liquor regulations require that the cask’s contents age for a minimum of three years before it can be called a “whisky”. Once the aging process is complete, the spirit will officially be called a Single Malt Whisky and be bottled onsite Odd Society Spirits.

See how their single malt is made in this video produced by Odette.

The Odd Society Spirits Limited Cask Offer Includes:

– 30 litres of Odd Society Single Malt barrelled at approximately 62% ABV (After three years of aging each cask will yield approximately 45-750ml bottles).

– Storage for three years while the spirit matures in once-used American White Oak Casks onsite at the Odd Society Spirits Distillery.

– Bonding and Insurance for three years.

– Visitation and tasting event at the Odd Society distillery once a year.

Odd Society Spirits Limited Cask Offer Details:

– Price: $1500 (includes tax)
– Payment is required at the time of ordering
– Bottling costs are $250 at the time of bottling
– The empty cask cask can be purchased for an additional $125 after bottling

Order: Casks can be purchased directly from the distillery by contacting General Manager, Miriam Karp at miriam [at]



1725 Powell Street | Vancouver, BC | V5L 1H6
Telephone: 604-559-6745
Web: | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

The tasting lounge is open: Thursday, 1PM through 7PM; Friday and Saturday, 1PM through 9PM; and Sunday, 1PM through 6PM. Tours of the distillery are offered every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4PM.


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The Team


Gordon Glanz, Founder & Distiller
Miriam Karp, General Manager
Joshua Beach, Production Manager & Distiller

About Odd Society Spirits


Odd Society is a small-batch craft distillery in the heart of East Van. Housed in a converted motorcycle garage on Powell Street, Odd Society Spirits is well situated in a happening craft liquor community, with neighbours including Powell Street Brewery, Parallel 49 Brewing Company, Storm Brewing, Coal Harbour Brewing and Bomber Brewing. The area is also quickly becoming a hot dining destination with popular restaurants Bistro Wagon Rouge and Kessel & March popping up just steps away from the distillery. Dedicated to combining old world distilling traditions with new world ingredients and ingenuity, Odd Society Spirits has created a family of spirits that entice and intrigue.

Founder and Distiller Gordon Glanz holds an MSc in brewing and distilling from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland where he experimented with distilling whiskey using raw grains and commercial enzymes before studying under the masters at Springbank distillery in Campbeltown.

Now back in his home town, Gordon is applying his penchant for experimentation and knowledge of tradition within the Odd Society, which he operates alongside his wife and partner, Miriam Karp, and good friend Joshua Beach.

What’s in a Name? The name ‘Odd Society’ reflects an interest to use their spirits and distillery as a way to bring together a diverse collection of creative and unique people. They wanted to make a home where guests could feel comfortable revealing their inner oddness.

The Odd Society is about experimentation, embracing change and celebrating individual and collective oddities.

This philosophy extends to their ideas about distilling. Just as any successful society is made up of a variety of distinct personalities in concert, they want each of their spirits to create a cast of unforgettable characters. From the subtle and discrete Wallflower Gin to the raw and untamed Mongrel, their family of spirits is meant to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of the Odd Society community.



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