Fraserhood’s Los Cuervos Opens “Cantina” Next Door, Offers New Happy Hour


The GOODS from Los Cuervos

Vancouver, BC | Los Cuervos Taqueria is pleased to announce the long awaited opening of Los Cuervos Cantina. This former yoga studio has now been converted into a fully functioning bar. This expansion brings the total number of seats to 50, meaning it’s now easier than ever to enjoy great tacos with your favourite drinks.

Designed and built by partner Stefan Gagnon (Les Faux Bourgeois, Jules) warm rich tones abound with 100% recycled and reclaimed cedar. Mexican street art is used to off set the two mirror mosaics and eclectic alebrije pieces that adorn the walls.

Under the direction of Mark Gunther the bar is pleased to offer an agave-centric cocktail list. Classic and flavoured margaritas are there of course as well as some new takes on old fave’s such as our Tequila Sour and Juan Collins. We have also added some more beer taps where you will find a rotating selection of local craft beers.

Drop by between 5-6pm for our early happy hour where we are pleased to offer two tacos and a draft beer for an incredible $10, or make it a marg for only $11. And the deals don’t stop there. Late night happy hour starting at 10pm gets your cheap pitchers of beer and shots of tequila!



603 Kingsway | Vancouver B.C. V5T 3K5
Telephone: 604-558-1518
Hours: 5pm – 11pm Monday to Saturday


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Owners: Gilles L`Heureux, Andreas Seppelt, Stefan Gagnon
Chef / Operations Manager: Gilles L`Heureux
Front of House Manager: Elizabeth Murphy

About Los Cuervos

Los Cuervos Taqueria opened in late July of 2013 with one guiding principle: to bring the best tacos to Vancouver. With this in mind chef and proprietor Gilles L`Heureux, fresh from a five-year stint at the helm of Les Faux Bourgeois bistro draws inspiration from his six years of living in Mexico City, to that very task.

Quite simply we want to replicate the experience of a Taqueria in Mexico. To us, that means making everything fresh to order (there are no steam tables here!). Inspired by classic recipes and using locally produced meat and vegetables as well as sustainable seafood the incredible diversity of Mexican street food is given the respect it is due, and a beautiful forum in which to shine.

Tucked in to the original Che Baba space that was lovingly designed by Stephan Gagnon (Les Faux Bourgeois and Jules), and designed by Scott Cohen (of Waldorf, Les Fauxbo, Nuba etc fame!), the space has been playfully tweaked with a vibrant colour palate.

At the heart of our kitchen is a four-foot flat top griddle, used to emulate a ‘Comal’, the ubiquitous cooking utensil of Mexico. Its intense radiation of heat gives a perfect sear to meat and fish alike, while providing the only authentic way to heat tortillas, the basis for any good taco.

And the perfect accompaniment to any taco is our hand made hot sauces. We offer a variety including Salsa Roja (with charred tomatoes, chilies and onions), Salsa Verde (with three fresh chilies and tomatillos), Chile Seco (with four kinds of dried chilies for some seriously smoky goodness) and La Fantasma (our indefatigable super hot sauce loaded with habaneros and ghost chilies!).The drinks too have been selected for quality and value. After many years of extensive research we have honed a great selection of Tequila’s and Mezcal’s that we offer at very reasonable prices. Or you can try one of our expertly mixed margarita’s (lime, tamarind, hibiscus or cucumber) all hand shaken and using only fresh squeezed juices and organic agave syrup.

Under the guidance of Elizabeth Murphy (ex Libra Room and Fisher’s, Oxford UK) of servers are there to help you come and enjoy a casual and fun dining experience with great tacos as the star of the show.

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