Bentall Burbs


Bentall Burbs | Place/Phenomenon | The two square blocks of downtown that are dominated by the Bentall Centre, a massive complex that includes five office skyscrapers and a vast underground mall known as “The Shops”.

Bentall earned its “Burbs” suffix on account of the suburban culture that its retail/restaurant environment has long nurtured. With most of its workers, shoppers, and diners imported daily from the suburbs (where small, independent businesses have largely been replaced by big box stores and chain restaurants), the area has become an honest reflection of those who frequent it.

The most reliable means of observing and considering the Bentall Burbs phenomenon is to endure a lunch rush inside its Cactus Club or Joey locations.

Note: the men and women of the Bentall Burbs have gender-specific nicknames: “Bentall Bro” and “Ally McBentall”.

Usage: “It was raining so hard that I took the tunnel underneath the Bentall Burbs to get to the Skytrain today…did you know they still have a Kernels down there?”

See also: Bridge & Tunnel, Breastaurant.


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