Ranking The City’s Best Cafes By The Branding Stamped On Their To-Go Cups


Here’s a challenge for design wonks who love their coffee: which local cafe stamps their take-out cups with the coolest branding? We have our favourites in no particular order above. They are…

Top, left to right:

Bump ‘n Grind (Commercial Drive) — Luke’s General Store (Chinatown) — Culprit (Kitsilano)

Middle, left to right:

Matchstick (Fraserhood) — Elysian (West Side) — Timbertrain (Gastown)

Bottom, left to right:

The Shop (DTES) — Prado (Commercial Drive) — Revolver (Gastown)



Who has the best branding "stamped" on their take-out cups?

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  1. Nothing trumps a raccoon. Question is – is it a real badass Stanley Park one or a chirpy Queen’s Park (NW) one?
    The bestest coffee on that list goes to Elysian.