On “The Patty Shop”, Home Of The City’s Best Jamaican Patties


Ask any Torontonian and they’ll tell you that the Jamaican beef patty is a classic found just about everywhere; it’s even more ubiquitous than the famed peameal bacon sandwich. In Vancouver, however, they’re very rare — the unsung hero of our handheld takeaway options. The Patty Shop in Kitsilano has been in the business of making Vancouver’s best Jamaican patties for decades. The shop is an over-the-counter institution specializing in moon-shaped pockets of flaky pastry filled with a variety of goodness. I’ll always suggest my favourite, the time-honoured curry beef, but even if you’re not a vegetarian you should also try the patties filled with curried potatoes, peas, and corn (pictured above, nice and spicy). Just ring the bell for service and a friendly lady wearing an apron (lightly dusted with flour) will poke her head out of the kitchen to help.

The Patty Shop | 4019 Macdonald St. | Vancouver, BC | 604-738-2144 | No Website


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  1. C’mon ……they’ve been there for ages!! Excellent snack food. D Roti Shak in New West is also just delicious!!!

  2. Hangover + Orange Crush and a Hot Beef patty is Godsent!

    The curried patties are great with Ms. Balls (peach?) chutney but I’ll let Andrew give us some other options when it comes to SA condiments. 😉

  3. The classics are excellent but I’ve had a 20 year soft spot for Taco Thursdays. Too good!

  4. The patties are not authentic style Jamaican Patties, like what my family has been making for generations, and generations. They lack many of the herbs and spices that a “REAL” Jamaican Pattie should have. However, if you enjoy the flavor of a very basic meat pie then you will enjoy the patties from the Jamaican Pattie Shop that’s located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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