TEA & TWO SLICES | On Scandal Evasion Tactics & Cops Shutting The Liquor Stores

February 3, 2014 


by Sean Orr | Our scary-eyed Premier is now a meme generator.

What’s that? Another scandal? Quick, get our henchman to attack the NDP! David Eby: Champion of the poor, or anti-cop showboater? “At six-foot-seven, crusading and controversial MLA David Eby — a potential NDP leadership candidate — is a tough guy to miss in a crowd”. What does how tall he is have to do with anything? Heightist. “He had one agenda — criticizing our officers at every opportunity”. Yeah, that’s called being a good citizen, not being anti-cop.

Quick! Pass those liquor recommendations! You Can Soon Buy Alcohol With Your Groceries In B.C. This is a highly hypothetical question, but let’s say the Canucks make it to the Stanley Cup finals again. Are the VPD going to close all the liquor stores again?

Quick! Take on Gregor: Todd Stone: Why we need a TransLink referendum. “The issue of transportation in Metro Vancouver is very topical, and that’s a good thing”. Thanks, Martha Stewart.

The tedium is the message: Why the Government of Canada is so boring and useless on Twitter. Because that’s how Canadian politicians are in real life?

Well, not all of them of course: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in town. I know you may be sick of this clown, but just watch this video. Someone give Ian Currie his own TV show!

Time for Genesis to Exodus: Private security regulation concerns. Two weeks training? And yet an employee at McDonalds needs 500 hours on a training wage…

‘RoboCop’ Lays Waste To Vancouver Convention Centre. Sort of like what the Vancouver Convention Centre did to our pocketbooks, am I right? In other news, who says pocketbooks these days?

Vancouver’s own: Metal band Skinny Puppy send US government invoice after finding out their music was ‘used as torture device in Guantanamo Bay’. Aside: I’m proud to say I wore my brother’s Skinny Puppy shirt in elementary school.

Perhaps “You wore a Skinny Puppy Shirt in Grade 6″ could be added to this list: 34 Signs You Grew Up In Vancouver In The ’80s. They also forgot Super Socco.

Vancouver Kickstarter campaign comes under fire. Yikes! That’s gotta put some holes in your public image. Looks like they have some patching up to do.

Speaking of bad publicity: Black bear accidentally mulched by oil and gas company. These oil and gas companies are really bruin up trouble for themselves…

And I’m out of puns, so in case you missed it: For all the cooks grinding out Dine Out in Van right now.

Photo credit: Norman Fox