COOL THING WE WANT #423 | An $11,000 Japanese-Inspired Cabin In The Rainforest

January 8, 2014 


On Oregonian boat-builder named Brian Schulz took a year and a half and a mere $11,000 to build this gorgeous, Japanese-inspired home in the woods near Cape Falcon. From My Modern Met:

It all began one day when Schulz found a brass sink at a local recycle center and immediately started fantasizing about building a home around the object. He wound up fulfilling his dream on an affordable budget by carefully salvaging materials for construction and items to adorn the house. He also did a fair bit of traveling and meeting people who offered anything from handmade paper lanterns to allowing him to actually haul trees from their property. Schulz says, “With deep enough pockets a person might be able to duplicate such a structure by writing a large check to a talented builder, but that would risk missing the point entirely… Whether or not one believes that turning a log from beside the house into the house itself imbues it with some mystical qualities, it is undeniable that the pursuit of local materials connects more deeply to your landscapes, your neighbors, and yourself. The simple act of searching adds richness to our lives. To reiterate: You meet people, you discover new places, you have adventures, you learn things, AND, you come home with beams, windows, doors, and shingles.”

We’ll take ours on Savary Island, thank you very much.


  • Roger Albany

    Looks cool, the look, the thought, the concept, the imagined experience, the pictures, just so cool.

    And it just says, ” I love nature.”

    Now what happens if dozens of nature-lovers say me, me, me too, and they all want one just like that?

    How ’bout if people go for a walk in or near habitat, then get the hell out of there, rather than occupy it. This forest is the living room, bedroom and kitchen for a variety of species. Get the fuck out.

    Live in the city, play in the woods.