Brassneck Delivers The Goods With New “Fall Back” Session Stout


by Chuck Hallett | Like many Vancouverites, chances are that you’ve been cautiously following the recent craft beer boom from afar. Good for you! Maybe you’ve picked up some of the beers featured on Drink This Beer before, but it’s rather more likely that you saw a few bottles/brands at the store and vaguely recognized them before proceeding to the till with your regular beer purchases, what ever they might be.

Well, it’s time for you to jump straight into the bleeding edge heart of Vancouver Craft Beer, because there really is no better time than now. Stouts are an increasingly popular feature on local craft beer menus recently. Maybe it’s the flavour (malty, coffee-like in both taste and appearance), or the low carbonation, or even the sub-5% alcohol levels that makes tipping multiple pints of stout so easy an exercise. Likely, it’s all three, so dive in there.

The new Brassneck on Main St. has just released its Fall Back, a session-stout that is about as perfect an after-work refresher as anyone could hope for. Perhaps you’ve canned salmon all day and need something to take the edge off before going home to your delightful family. Or maybe, like me, you’ve spent all day typing at a desk and need a gentle point of entry before moving on to that 7% hop bomb of an IPA. Either way, this beer needs you to drink it.

Between this beer and Persephone Brewing’s Dry Irish Stout, the gauntlet for a fine pint of the black has been thrown down in BC, and I’m loving every second of it. Is it the perfect stout? No, but it does garner that highest of praise from me, which is to say that it tastes like another pint.

You can only find it at Brassneck (drink in + growlers) at 6th and Main. The price is $11 for a 1.9 litre fill. Brassneck has already established the habit of selling out quickly, so go. Now.


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