DINER | Can You Name These Vancouver Restaurants In Their Early Infancy? (Part 3)


One of the more odd things that we do at Scout is to catalogue all the eateries that we think stand to make an impact on Vancouver’s restaurant scene. We introduce our readers to these businesses when they are still in their embryonic stage, keeping a very rough photographic record of their different stages of construction as they inch and crawl towards opening day. As time goes on and we get used to the finished designs, it’s hard to imagine them as naked as they once were. The spaces depicted above might be unrecognisable to most, but I’m sure there are some among our readership willing to give this little game of ours a shot.

How many can you name from photos 1 through 4? We have no clues for you, except to say that all of the above were opened within the last five years. Top marks to the right proper restaurant wonks who can identify more than one of them in the comments. It would be crazy if someone named three, and scary if someone got all four. And that’s the challenge, as we won’t be publishing any guesses in the comments until someone gets all four.

Here’s last week’s challenge, and the one from the week previous. Good luck!

  • Mr Paywall

    Getting better, but no clue on #3 though the guy on the phone is probably a big clue.

    1- Cork & Fin

    2- Oru

    4- Meat & Bread Cambie

  • Adam

    1. Cork & Fin
    4. Meat & Bread

  • spiceman

    1. L’ab
    2. ?
    3. boneta
    4. Meat & Bread

  • josh

    1) Cork & Fin
    2) The Emerald
    3) [new] Boneta
    4) Meat & Bread

  • Doodler

    1. Cork & Fin
    2. Oru
    3. Meat & Bread
    4. …..?

  • Doodler

    oops. meant to say,
    1. Cork & Fin
    2. Oru
    4. Meat & Bread

  • Scout Magazine

    UPDATE: Lots of guesses so far, but no one has gotten all four. Keep it up!

  • Xtina

    Cork & Fin
    New Boneta
    Meat & Bread

  • doodler

    okay – how about:
    1.Cork & Fin
    4.Meat & Bread

  • Scout Magazine

    Xtina takes it. Congrats!