Vancouver Would Be Cooler If It Had A Massive Treehouse In Stanley Park


(via) This five-storey, 97ft high treehouse in Tennessee includes a church, bell tower, an antique church pew, a stained-glass window of Jesus, a choir loft, and a make-shift basketball court. There are some 80 rooms and cloisters in total. It took a priest and a handful of faithful $12,000, a quarter million nails, and 14 years to build it around a base of 6 oak trees. It was just entered into the Guinness Book of World Records, presumably as the most awesome thing ever. Had he chosen to build it here in Vancouver, he probably would have had some grief navigating the dual downers of the City of Vancouver’s Engineering Department and the Parks Board, but who knows? The Lord (I’m told) works in mysterious ways…

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  1. I’ve always thought a tree house in Stanley Park—adjacent to the old
    Kid’s Farm –would be ideal for youngsters to spend one or more nights
    in a program to learn not only outdoor knowledge of plants, animals, weather,
    and more, but to experience communal existence, all within an incredible
    setting inside the city.
    Being raised would offer safety and prevent vandalism.
    A design competition would result in an amazing structure.
    One of my best memories is a grade 6 stay at the Toronto Island Natural Science School. Vancouver kids could benefit from this type of experience, one superior
    to a stinky group of enclosures holding farm animals.

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