Vancouver Would Be Cooler If Our Tourism Ads Were Made By Norwegians

Vancouver’s tourism ads have jumped the shark. One can always anticipate a treatment of the skyline (via seaplane), a mountain vignette (usually more than one), shots of Chinatown, inukshuks, kayakers, rainforest warriors, First Nations dancers, killer whales, and so on. They’re so very predictable. The Yankee state of Massachusetts has long shared this predicament, only with Fenway Park, autumn colours, statues of John Adams, and the equally “expected” like being the same same anchor around their necks. Lucky for them, a Scandinavian group called Ylvis put together a new tourism video that captures it all in uniquely weird fashion (see above), complete with Nelson Mandela’s house and a little latent homo-eroticism. If the troupe would come to Vancouver to produce a similar video, we’d be ever so happy to host them and show them around.

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