On Typical Yaletown & Being Critical Of City Hall For Doing Stuff


by Sean Orr | Everybody knows what’s best for you: Ottawa overrules health officials on Vancouver heroin replacement study. So, it turns out that polarizing politicians know more about addiction than, you know, fucking doctors. And again, the ghost of Cory Monteith is invoked as an argument against harm reduction? Please.

Blurred Vision: Has Vancouver’s ruling party lost touch with its base?. Hey, isn’t that a Robin Thicke song? “Separated bike lanes, high-density spot rezonings, higher amenity fees from developers, low-income rental initiatives, transit-oriented redevelopments, urban farming, food carts or even retooling the building code for seniors, Vision Vancouver has worked hard to implement an ambitious agenda”. So we elected them to do stuff and now that they’re doing stuff we’re mad?

Not doing enough: Zoo Zhop to close down. That’s what you get for trying to do things legitimately. Unsafe underground warehouse spaces it is!

The horrors of charitable capitalism: How the Vancouver mayor’s BFF Joel Solomon is changing the way people do business:

It is the second-last day of summer and 150 small enterprise leaders and venture capitalists have gathered at the windswept beach retreat for the 18th annual Social Venture Institute (SVI), which is like sleep-away camp for grown ups who want to change the world through business, charities, and non-profits…

Sounds like a nightmare.

How green is “greenest city’s” pension plan? City of Vancouver staff recommends council action on city investments. Turns out it’s lightly green…sort of an olive colour really. Also, how great is the name Carrie Saxifrage?

Only in Yaletown: Wild cat tied up on supercar while owners wine and dine.

Yaletown 2: Concord Pacific and Concert Properties reveal big plans for two False Creek developments. And, if the artist’s rendering is anything to go by, they will be the only buildings with electricity in the entire downtown core. So that will be a huge selling point, I imagine.

Relevant to Vancouver: Guy gets ticketed for not riding in bike lane. Except in Vancouver, where said cop would punch you in the face.

Bonus: Colleen Heslin on her $25,000 Painting Award.

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  1. it is not a wild cat tied to the car in Yaletown – it is a Savannah cat. a domestic breed often mistaken for a wild cat.

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