Shameful Tiki Room




4362 Main Street | Vancouver, BC
No Phone | No Reservations
Hours: 5pm to late hours everyday (except Tuesday)
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  • Zombie & Menu
  • Stage Canopy
  • South wall
  • Princess Chair
  • Port Light
  • Creed
  • Bar post



Owner: Rod Moore



In March of 2013 Vancouver’s “The Shameful Tiki Room” was born – 1,200 square feet and 50 seats worth of dimly lit, moody vintage ambience in the carefully recreated image of traditional “Trader Vics” and “Don the Beachcomber”s. Bamboo and thatch canopies surrounded by polynesian masks, puffer fish lights and custom tiki carvings greet our guests upon entering. Old school surf and exotica tunes spin unobtrusively on the airwaves with nary a sports tv to interrupt.

Our cocktail list is in the dozens with many classics (Mai Tai, Zombie, Navy Grog, Rum Barrel etc), all made with house made syrups, correct geographical rums, fresh squeezed citrus and long lost mixers and drams such as Falernum. We offer a selection of bottled beer and wine as well as a pretty neat selection of non alcoholic cocktails, some of which date back to soda fountain lore. Our Lead bar manager Shea Hogan (formerly of Clough club and Bitter and recent “Made with love” winner!) is obsessive about maintaining consistency which is a must as all of the drinks are difficult to master. The “Mystery Bowl”, delivered alongside the ringing of a gong, is a crowd favourite and harkens to the “Mai Kai”, one of the last remaining Tiki palaces still standing state side.

Our recently unleashed “Rum Club” has drawn some attention from neat sipping spirit lovers – upon receiving your passport you begin to work your way through 50 rums from around the world. Once completed, you will have your name emblazoned upon a wooden plaque placed upon the wall for all to see and a very desirable club t-shirt that states your achievement.

Our food menu touches on polynesian styles and flavours and of course our head chef Jerry Frost loves having daily specials, custom soups and more. Lots of delicious tiki influenced appy plates (Coconut spam balls anyone?) and share plates in the great Don the Beachcomber tradition. And just like all great Tiki rooms we have a pretty cool house mug offering as well.

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