The Cannibal Cafe




1818 Commercial Drive | Vancouver BC V5N 4A5
Telephone: 604-558-4199
Web: | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


The People


Owner: Matt Thompson
General Manager: Jen Temple

About The Cannibal Cafe


The Cannibal Café is Commercial Drive’s newest restaurant, serving up hand ground beef burgers and authentic milkshakes in a nostalgic, rockin’ diner-esque environment. Inside you’ll find a gorgeous bar, a sleek and clean atmosphere and walls decked out in concert posters from the 90’s heyday of Vancouver indie rock from forgotten venues like The Town Pump and The Hungry Eye.

The Cannibal Cafe grinds 3 cuts of British Columbia Certified Organic beef; Brisket for it’s flavour, Short Rib for it’s rich marbling and Chuck, ’cause he’s a nice guy. The meat is hand ground daily in house to very specific standards then cooked to perfection! Open 7 days a week, we are located at 1818 Commercial Drive, serving up the freshest and tastiest burgers to come to this city!



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