Krokodile Pear




1867 West 1st Avenue | Vancouver, BC
Owner: Nick Lewis
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About Krokodile Pear


Krokodile Pear is a 100% organic, cold pressed juice and smoothie bar located at 1867 West 1st Avenue, in Vancouver. Krokodile Pear is the brainchild of the owner and founder Nick Lewis. Through learning more about the food that we eat and our modern food system, Nick was frustrated with being pulled in different directions from food manufacturers and the media with fad diets, and the relentless pursuit of eating nutrients, rather than food. After blocking out the conflicting food science of what we should be eating, Nick started to focus on simply eating a diet rich in organic vegetables and fruits. Nick bought a Vitamix blender and a juicer and started to notice huge changes in his health as juices and smoothies were such a convenient, delicious and accessible way to eat and drink an abundance of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Nick saw a need for a place for people that were frustrated with the current juice bars and cafes in Vancouver, who were looking for something that was quick service to meet their busy lifestyle, was fun and inviting, but didn’t compromise their values, or their health.

While learning more about juicing, Nick learned that cold press juicing was the best way to create the highest quality juice, as there is no heat involved to break down nutrients and enzymes found naturally in vegetables and fruits. Nick also knew that this process can be time consuming, so he designed a system where fresh pressed juices are served on tap which allows Krokodile Pear to serve juices quickly and allows the customer to customize their juices to their preference. Smoothies are also created from cold pressed juices, and are blended with avocado, banana and various other additions such as chia, hemp and flax seeds, and raw, vegan protein powder.

To capture the design of Krokodile Pear Nick turned to Moeski Design for the interior, and Spur + Boot for the graphic design elements. Krokodile Pear is a sophisticated and elegant space, with lots of white glossy elements and warm lighting for a more mature juice bar experience. The juice tap system is the main feature of the space, and elements were added to give the customer the feel of a wine bar, rather than a traditional juice bar; juices are poured from wine taps, and shots and tasting flights are offered at bar seating. Bold graphics are used throughout, complete with an eye-catching spiral design on our interior glass window that boldly proclaims the values and our vision for the brand.

In addition to juices and smoothies, Krokodile Pear features plenty of organic, vegan snacks with specific attention paid to small, local suppliers. Krokodile Pear works with suppliers such as Organic Lives, Tao Organics, and Zimt Chocolate to showcase the best 100% organic, artisinal products Vancouver has to offer.