SEEN IN VANCOUVER #458 | Shirtless Man Gets Beanbag In The Nuts Courtesy Of VPD

August 21, 2013 


Remember that story about the “distraught man” outside the Vancouver Art Gallery last week who was taken down by the Vancouver policeman armed with a beanbag gun? It was hailed far and wide as a textbook example of non-lethal use of force in tense standoffs when officers feel threatened, and contrasted just as far and wide against what happened in Toronto in late July when a cop shot a young man on a streetcar NINE times (he’s been charged with 2nd degree murder). Now a video has just made its way on to YouTube that shows what happened in front of the Art Gallery from a birds-eye perspective. An eagle-eyed local Redditor (Slashmonkey) paused the video at the moment of impact and noticed that the guy took the beanbag in the balls. Was that sort of marksmanship with a beanbag even possible? Curious, we took a schadenfreude look ourselves and, sure enough, he gets it square in the nuts. The screenshot above says it all, but play the video just the same. Though it looks painful, the guy is lucky to be alive. I mean, better a beanbag in the balls than a bullet in the head, you know? That cop, who is now presumably nicknamed “Sniper” by his colleagues, just became a legend, just like Constable Flashbang from the Canucks riot.


  • Sean Orr

    “They get so strong when they are on drugs”- the peanut gallery