On The Phosphorescent Dress That Comes Alive Whenever You Look At It

by Robyn Yager | Ying Gao, a Beijing-born contemporary artist whose work has spanned across interactive technology and fashion, has created one of the wackiest and most compellingly beautiful dresses we’ve ever seen (“a commentary on the trends that power the fashion cycle”). Her work, (No)where (Now)here, uses eye-tracking technology that sets her garments in motion when viewed (when we stop looking they stop moving). The effect is that of an unfamiliar sea animal, glowing and moving as we gaze at it.  Gao, who teaches fashion design at the Université du Québec à Montréal, says “fashion is a reflection of time […] the problem is that fashion and technology are the most volatile things in our society. As human beings we tend to like things that we know are fragile and ephemeral. So I think that people easily find fashion and technology beautiful, because unconsciously they know that they will disappear tomorrow.”


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