1,000 COOL THINGS ABOUT VANCOUVER | The Old Volvo Wagon With A Canoe On Top


by Andrew Morrison | The next cool thing, believe it or not, is a car. If you’ve ever walked through the Strathcona neighbourhood – especially on East Georgia between Princess and Heatley – there’s a good chance that you’ve come across what looks to be a white 1966 Volvo “Amazon” station wagon parked in pretty good nick (save for a black front right fender fix). I don’t know which of my neighbours owns it and I don’t particularly care that much about cars, but it’s just so darn prettily unpretentious that it makes me smile whenever I see it. It probably has a top speed of about 60 kms per hour and a touch of mange about the interior, but I nevertheless think it’s one of the cooler automobiles around town. Making it even cooler is how it’s perennially mounted with a perfect green canoe, from the back of which dangles a single plump pinecone.


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    murray bush! he is also a fantastic photographer.