On Thai Shuttlecocks And Leave Me Alone I’m Just A Dishwasher


by Sean Orr | Not a day goes by when Howard Rotberg’s Exploring Vancouverism isn’t relevant: Pete McMartin: Floods! Crime! Crack videos! And, um, bike lanes! “When you inhabit paradise, the merest disturbance to your perfection convinces you you’re living in hell”.

Can this be the last thing ever written on the subject please? Gentrification: Fight the system, not your neighbours. I suppose the protesters will say that new businesses aren’t their neighbours and probably quote Marcuse and you will be super stoned and not know what to say because you dropped out of university 12 years ago and you are a dishwasher in a fancy restaurant so you feel the need to constantly defend yourself…

Pivot: The case against police entertainment. I don’t know if this counts, but ScanBC is the best accidentally funny twitter since Horse eBooks.

What is the opposite of glee? Social media outrage over Calgary column linking Cory Monteith’s death to InSite. How does she respond? Emotionally charged rhetoric, a letter from a father absolving themselves as guardians, and just general hearsay. Props to Simi Sara for shutting her down (likely the only time I will ever give props to anyone from CKNW ever).

Spinning statistics: How The Province gets the story it wants. No surprises there. Next.

This is the most read story on the Sun: Former Thai Olympic partners in B.C. badminton brawl (with video and photos). And now I’m thinking about Umberto Eco.

No History: What was there before?

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