“Mamie Taylor’s” In Chinatown Hiring For The Front Of House

Mamie Taylor's is a new restaurant and bar opening later this month at 251 East Georgia Street in Chinatown
Mamie Taylor’s is a new restaurant and bar opening later this month at 251 East Georgia St. in Chinatown | Vancouver, BC

The GOODS from Mamie Taylor’s

Vancouver, BC | Mamie Taylor’s, a modern American restaurant from Simon Kaulback and Ron Oliver that is opening soon in Vancouver’s Chinatown, is now hiring for all front of house positions. They are looking for industry-minded, professional, ambitious and unpretentious team players with good attitudes (only candidates with experience in high volume establishments will be considered). Email your resumes to simon [at] mamietaylors.ca. If you have ever written a Yelp review, there’s no need to apply. You can learn more about the restaurant here.

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  1. I don’t know, based on the rest of the requirements listed and the dig at Yelp, I’m not so sure they’re looking for someone who’s unpretentious, you know?

  2. Haha! Excluding people just because they’ve written a yelp review is such backwards thinking. I’d be reading any applicant’s reviews to see if they actually have a clue about the service industry. Anyone can bullshit through an interview but if you’ve written a bunch of lame yelp reviews they’re likely a decent indication of your true personality.

  3. It would be more interesting if they banned customers who have ever written a Yelp review.

  4. I checked with Simon and he’s been getting a lot of emails regarding the post. The email works. Try again?

  5. Well, well, well …. The biggest, most pretentious bar keep in gastown is opening his own place, and looking for unpretentious, yelp virgins to work for him… seems like a bit of an Oxymoron…. I sure hope Simon doesn’t allow “Ron Oliver” to EVER talk to any customers, and hides him in the broom closet any chance he gets. That guy, and his fabio-esque hair scream Yaletown, and have ZERO understanding on how to treat customers.


    Your Yelp Virgin/Fellow Gastowner/Non supporter*due to ron oliver*

  6. dear peter

    sorry you won’t be supporting Mamie Taylor’s. Thanks for the kind words about my hair though.

    To the rest of the Scout community, we are still looking for staff and would like to add ‘sense of humour’ to the list of requirements.

  7. That’s good to hear Ron.

    Maybe you should have emphasized the sarcasm better, it just comes off very stuck up.

  8. I think anything involving “fabio” stopped being a compliment when he did those margarine commercials. Just an FYI.

    Being a Gastown Local I have first hand experience of seeing you ignore people, and be a complete douche to customers…..maybe you were “over” working for someone else since you had Mamie Taylors on the brain. Either way, I think you need some humble pie because that hair gives you an ego.

    All the best to simon… he’s a good chap, I just hope you don’t chase away the clientele….friend support only pays the bills so long.


  9. Yeah from an objective standpoint, Peter seems like the yuppie tool bag.

    Lay off, it was misunderstood sarcasm and the man’s just trying to employee some people.
    I see nothing wrong with that…

  10. I didn’t realize that one’s hair was directly correlated to how good one might be at a business venture.. or at making cocktails… or at anything, really.

    But I’m glad that’s been cleared up.

    Moving on from the smearing of people who are creating jobs, furthering the lower mainland economy, and contributing to the revitalization of a neighbourhood….

    Here’s to hoping that Mamie Taylor’s finds the staff they need to open soon!


  11. How dare you not validate my self-satisfaction as an instant food critic. I blame Fabio hair, it is transmitting signals from the cosmos and causing you to ignore my French Bulldog which is the best chap in Gastown. Long Live Yelp!!

  12. Oh Ron, don’t forget to add the requirement of giving the time on command, one cannot be expected to tell the time with a bleedin great duck on one’s watch, can one.

  13. We found Mamie Taylor’s quite disappointing.

    Room was quiet yet the service was slow. Food mediocre at best.

    We expected a lot more. I understood that these guys are supposed to be some of the best in their field – you would never know it based on our experience.

    Would not return.