SEEN IN VANCOUVER #451: Stylized Neon Skull Lands At The New Cuchillo On Powell


The brand new Cuchillo at 261 Powell St. saw its neon sign installed last night. Looking spooky but good.


  • Jay

    Very poor taste given the history of the hood. Here is one long term resident’s take on how new restaurants step on toes. I would have tried this place, but now no. In the rush to out hip everyone else they do not consider the context of the hood. Example by co-opting the name Pidgin, a name that stood at the core of the community, was insulting for many.

    The skull sign is a poor choice given many of us remember the missing women’s era and the killings take have taken place at bars down here. Using death symbols for a money making hip-factor is very poor taste.

    It just seems that many nouveau hipsters like the DTES and Gastown because of the edgy image they perceive about the area. A Disneyland version of gangland and naughty for kits kids wanting to slum it.

    That being said, It is their right to put up the sign. I just wish they would take the time to better understand the community and know its history.

  • Mr Paywall

    Can always count on the DTES NIMBY welcoming committee to give a thorough review of new businesses in the area and how their design is some affront to humanity. And if you travel a bit you’ll learn that skulls and skeletons aren’t “death symbols” in all cultures.

  • Nick

    There is also a butcher shop next door that sells pork products,and we know what that connection is. Should they be asked to refrain from doing so?


    14 dollar fucking tacos