SEEN IN VANCOUVER #449: Awesome New Patio On Robson Street (Fronting The VAG)


We finally got a chance today to take in the new patio in Robson Square (in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery between Howe and Hornby). Even though we tend to gauge the success of City Hall’s fight back against Vancouver’s “No Fun” rep by using our “Yeah, But Can You Drink Beer There?” metric, there’s no denying this dry slice of awesomeness. The project – in place until Labour Day – was brought to us (courtesy of VIVA Vancouver) by architects Hapa Collaborative and Fricia Construction. Double fun super bonus: public piano!


There are 4 comments

  1. Your description of awesome is perfect “something which inspires awe”

    Awe: That nobody is in the picture? Not really

    Awe: That many of the businesses on Robson are vacant? This will help, snicker…

    Awe: That businesses were/are not in support of this project.

    Awe: trying getting anywhere near this location…between bike lanes and now this, its gridlock all day within 5 block radius .

    Awe: Is explaining to a tourist how to get to the downtown’s biggest parkade in Pacific Center

    Awe: is how great the weekend festivals ,parades and 1-2 day events bring thousands of people together in parts of Vancouver and everybody floourishes, which was recommended for this sight, but ignored.

    I get it …But Vancouver is not Barcelona or a Major population base that can sustain permanent street closures,yet…How long before Robson is the Granville Mall of the 70’s-80’s ?

    Change is great when common sense is applied….

  2. D.,

    That stretch of Robson has no businesses, so your comment about vacancy is baffling. The Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret obviously think Vancouver’s good enough to be overhauling buildings for. Your critique makes no sense.

    Walking, cycling and transit trips have all grown significantly in the downtown. More people downtown means more space needed — to sit and rest, to socialize.

    Since 1997, 40,000 people have moved into the downtown and there are 23,000 more jobs than that time as well. Should we tear up roads because drivers don’t use them 24/7 either?

    You know what they say about common sense…

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