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Starting in the neighbouring town of Penticton, situated along a 15 km meandering country road with spectacular views of Okanagan Lake, is the Naramata Bench wine region, one of Canada’s premiere grape growing agricultural areas and a top destination for wine enthusiasts.

The group of wineries that have staked their claim to this prime land are known as much for their quality wines as they are for their laid back personal approach, warm welcome and refined tasting room service.

The 24 wineries in the Naramata Bench Wineries Association have created a unique culture, presenting their wines and region with enthusiasm in fun and accessible ways that make Bench wine country and events a must for exceptional wine experiences.

Events this group of wineries are known for are their Annual Spring Wine Release Events in Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary; and their Annual Tailgate Party in Naramata. As well, all of the wineries host several events at their individual wineries throughout the season.

The NBWA was the first group of wineries in BC to launch their association’s Best of the Bench Wine Club, delivering a selection of Naramata wines to people’s doors all year.