Farm 2 Fork




Location: Water Street, Gastown | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 778-772-3037
Executive Chef / Founder: Nicolas Hipperson
Chef / Co-Founder: Nooshin Rasouli

About Farm 2 Fork


Farm 2 Fork is a underground restaurant project, launched by 2 friends in Vancouver’s historic Gastown. We believe that food should be fun, exciting and grown close to home. F2F is constantly striving to progress the local food movement forward and as a result, we only source the freshest of local ingredients to create beautifully plated, regionally inspired, pacific northwestern fare. Our concept is very unique, so allow us to indulge your inner foodie and join us for a night of wonderful food, great wine and fantastic company.

Working with our local farms and producers of British Columbia, we are inspired by our surroundings to create a 7 course tasting menu that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.  Our menu changes monthly with the seasons, so eating the same menu twice is unlikely.  This allows us to be very creative with our food and we would love to show you what the bounty of our ‘backyard’ has to offer.

We are open by reservation only, and can accommodate groups from 6 – 11 guests.  We are more than happy to accommodate vegetarians and dietary restrictions with advance notice. The location of F2F will be kept secret, and detailed information will be emailed to you and your party after reservations have been made.

Reviews & Accolades


Chatelaine – November 2011

“It’s one step short of a secret handshake: Coordinates to this exclusive BYOB underground restaurant are given out only after you make a group reservation. Two friends turned pro chefs serve up a seasonal seven-course tasting menu, made from farm-fresh West Coast fare, that can be tailored for each guest.”

Vancouver Sun – August 2012

“The underground restaurant project, Farm-2-Fork, is a locavore heavyweight. Based in Gastown, F2F takes bookings for groups of six to 10 diners.”

24 Hours News Media – October 2012

“Newer to the scene is Raincity Grill executive chef Nicolas Hipperson, who began Farm-2-Fork last February out of a Gastown residence. He now employs two servers and a kitchen team and stages dinners five times a week — on top of his full-time job at Raincity.

“As much as I love the food industry in Vancouver, doing it at home is fun. It’s an opportunity to step back from the chaos of the line,” Hipperson said.

“You have one table to focus on, and they’re there because they love food and what you’re showing them.

”?Farm-2-Fork’s focus is on locally sourced foods, with vegetables arriving from the Fraser Valley, beef from Pemberton, fish from Vancouver Island, and other local goodies……

“Farm-2-Fork diners can expect chef-recommended wine pairings.”

Georgia Straight – November 16 2012

“On November 14, diners gathered at Farm-2-Fork, an underground restaurant co-founded by Hipperson, who is executive chef at Raincity Grill, and Nooshin Rasouli, who previously worked at Hawksworth. Hipperson and Rasouli met at cooking school, and came together recently to work with small local producers and host private dining parties in Hipperson’s gorgeous Gastown pad. On the menu that evening was three dishes served buffet-style on Hipperson’s kitchen island—an earthy but refreshing beetroot salad, followed by duck and rabbit dishes perfect for winter and difficult to part with”

The Vancouver Observer – November 19 2012

“Cloaked in mystery, we all received our first set of instructions and awaited the great unveil of the first secret location that was to launch our food experience. We were given an address, asked to meet in the lobby and given the time that we were to arrive.

It was a beautiful night to arrive in Gastown, mild and dry and within a short period of time we grew in numbers from the first arrivals of one or two quickly to a total of 29, all anxiously awaiting the details of how the night was to unfold.

We were warmly welcomed and guided to our first experience with Chef Niclas Hipperson of Farms to Forks underground restaurant project. The 26-year-old Chef Hipperson is also Executive Chef for the Raincity Grill in English Bay. Let me tell you, talk about talented in the area of food expertise and fine dining experiences!

Over a glass of wine either red or white we all enjoyed a delectable, tantalizing and exquisite tastings of duck, rabbit and cold beet salad that was beyond description for flavour sensation including freshness, crispness and taste!

The underground or pop-up restaurant experience was an idea brought over from England to Chef Hipperson from his colleague and business partner Nooshin. Having recently returned from spending a year in England learning first hand of the out-of-the-box food experience there, she quickly sought out her close friend and former culinary school classmate and shared the idea with him.

Enticed by the idea, Niclas jumped at the idea to showcase BC’s own local organic produce and to support the local farmers and at the same time to bring his own natural cooking talents to an audience in a most original fashion, hence the Farms to Forks experience hosted in his own home.

The duck was incredibly succulent, the beet salad was a combination of crisp, fresh and slightly sweet taste sensation followed up with white rabbit wrapped in bacon. The wine selection, as handpicked by Niclas himself, was ideal. A full meal experience all on its own, and yet there was still more to come, literally right around the corner.

I could have easily stayed at the first location for the entire evening enjoying the conversation with all of the new people I had the pleasure to meet and in the comfort of the ambience that was created in such a warm and intimate manner in the kitchen of our first stop.

My first underground restaurant experience, and if the rest are anything like Farms to Forks I’ll definitely be checking out some more


“Hidden in a nondescript building on Gastown’s historic Water Street is the hippest Vancouver dining experience you’ve never heard of. Farm 2 Fork, an underground restaurant created by Nicolas Hipperson, the executive chef of Raincity Grill, takes only one group of six to 10 per night and tailors an intimate tasting menu to each party. Patrons bring their own wine and then sit back and enjoy a seven-course hyper-local feast featuring seasonal seafood, meat and produce—95 per cent of which comes from within 100 miles of Hipperson’s kitchen. While the offerings on the menu change based on season and ingredient availability, Farm 2 Fork’s Saskatchewan-born chef always includes a beet salad—”The beet is a Prairie staple,” he says. The local focus extends beyond the menu, too, and the brick-walled space is adorned with the work of local artists and furniture designers. Offering an unprecedented chance to interact with tone of the city’s top chefs has proven a winning combination for Hipperson, who reports taking bookings as far as six months in advance (

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