TEA & TWO SLICES: On Simplistic Garbage And Threatening “One Hell Of A Good Time”


by Sean Orr | According to The Province, Global-warming activists ignore good news. I’m not going to harp on the Minter Gardens article that says they are closing because the climate has changed, nor will I go beyond mention of the fact that there is a 4 page advertisement in the paper on the “Energy Sector”. Rather, I will only point to the single example of “good news” that columnist Jon Ferry gives: “U.S. tornado and hurricane activity appears at record lows and that western industrial countries such as Canada enjoy record-low pollution”. Yeah, no. The Calgary floods were a consequence of the same “activity” (wherein hot air from the Gulf of Mexico would traditionally clash with the cold air of Hudson’s Bay around Tornado Alley, the hot air is now winning and pushing these systems northward resulting in increased rainfall) and Canada’s meagre gains on pollution are because of us “eco-zealots” demanding stricter regulations.

If you don’t mention it, it doesn’t exist: Short B.C. throne speech neglects climate crisis, poverty. But it was nice to hear the words “natural gas” pop up something like 146 times.

A self serving, one-dimensional article about how self-serving and one-dimensional Vancouverites can be: The Vancouver Complex. “We’re snobs because being the best in the world means we feel the need to continuously prove that we are better than the rest of the world.” Ugh. Does anyone seriously think like this? I have never used the H-word to pan anyone before but this is outdated and overly simplistic hipster garbage.

…And yet, with another DIY space closing, the Wise Hall trying not to, and our culture-starved fascination with Mohinder, Vancouver can certainly be vacuous. Oh well, at least we clean up after ourselves.

Al Jazeera weighs in on the gentrification ‘debate’: Is ‘social mix’ good for Vancouver? If the story of a little boy spending his birthday money on sandwich tokens is any indication, then the answer is yes.

Vomitoriums: Vancouver viaducts get no help from council. When I was a geography student I would look at the viaducts as evidence of ‘white flight’. Now, I’m not so sure.

How will anti-TransLink vote influence transit referendum? Well, considering we botched the HST referendum…

Bonus: Transgender artist arrested for baring breasts on plane. “They said, ‘Just so you know, we might have to put you two in the male prison.” Regarding the alleged comment, Sanfino said, “All I kept thinking is they are threatening me with one hell of a good time.”

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  1. sorry how does a kid spending his birthday money on those tokens demonstrate that social mix working? hey, i believe social mix is a healthy thing but a true social mix would include affordable rentals for the working poor, working class, students and families. i don’t see that happening in the dtes. all i can see is overpriced condos vs supportive housing and sro’s and nothing in between.

  2. It’s a tenuous segué for sure, but that’s all it is. Small example that the restaurants that are so vilified are socially aware, not proof that social mix is working.

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