TEA & TWO SLICES: On The Density Of Anti-Development And The Gastown Bong Clock


by Sean Orr | Only 25 years too late: At Ground Zero for Vancouver’s Towering Debate. “The proposal for the Broadway-Commercial corner presumably is a joke. If it isn’t, then it’s going to be the urban equivalent of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway”. If we can’t even prevent something called Ecotrust Canada from resorting to hyperbolic NIMBYism and that density around major transit hubs is good for the environment then just let me off at the next stop because I just wanna get off!

Nothing new, but a good reminder why I won’t be “painting the town red” come Canada Day: How America’s friendly northern neighbor became a rogue, reckless petrostate. Yeah, but the commercial on TV that played every 5 seconds during the Stanley Cup Playoffs said that Canada was good!? Am so confuse…sniff.

Not a TEAM player: Ex-NPAers start their own Vancouver party. I’d like to say that this only serves to highlight a healthy democracy, but you know, petty infighting and whatnot.

Now is the time for rampant speculation! I believe the Alberta floods were driven by climate change. I mean, it totally was, but who really cares what anyone at the Vancouver Observer believes?

What we do know: Alberta Floods Have Changed The Rockies Forever, Says Scientist. The Pacific Northwest Strikes Back.

Media still using picture of mask used in riot never: Wearing a mask at a riot is now a crime. The top comment is tops for a reason: “Does that also cover police who wear masks without ID badges at these same riots”?

How Gastown became one of Vancouver’s hippest neighbourhoods. It’s no coincidence that I moved here 6 years ago.

Winding down: Gastown Steam Clock wearing out. We should replace it with a giant steam-powered bong. It would be a lot more relevant (not to mention more useful) than some digital clock that occasionally hoots to the delight of cruise ship passengers who could really use a toke.

What’s worse than another Mainlander editorial decrying yuppies? This: Networking at Main and Hastings.

Meanwhile, a development group oblivious to past tenants boasts about Gastown revitalization. “The 3-storey commercial building was completely vacant”. Only because Red Gates were given no reprieve from the original landlord. Do some bloody research before calling a cross-fit gym “revitalisation”.

Bonus: To the people who broke into our rental car in Stanley Park.

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  1. Lorin on June 25th, 2013 7:44 pm

    Just to set the record straight, Ecotrust Canada has not taken any position whatsoever on municipal development at Broadway & Commercial. That quote is from Ian Gill, a resident of the area. He lead Ecotrust Canada from 1994 to 2010 but is not speaking for the organization.