OPENING SOON: A Look Inside Deep Cove Brewery & Distillery (Due Later This Month)


We recently took a look inside Deep Cove Brewing and Distilling, the 6,500 sqft paradise soon to open at Unit 170 – 2270 Dollarton Hwy in North Vancouver. Polished but rustic, the space kicks off with a wall of barrels to the right and glass tables (on barrels) and a tasting bar made from a reclaimed brewing tank to the left. A walk-in cooler hides behind a wall of corrugated tin and beyond that to the recessed rear right are four stainless steel 190L tanks for whisky and craft gin. Huge “viking” doors separate the tasting room from the work zone (manufacturing, packaging, bottling, brewing). In addition to the 10-20 seats inside, there will also be a 10 seat patio.

They’ll be launching with three mainstays – the lemony, refreshing and crisp Wise Crack West Coast Lager (an old style lager inspired by Brooklyn Lager and Anchor Steam Beer); the rounded malt and juicily hopped Loud Mouth Pale Ale (a mix of old world and new world pale ale style Cross english bitter and Big North West Pale Ale, like Sierra Nevada); and the pale yellow Quick Wit Wheat Ale, which is modelled after a Belgian wit (similar to Hoegaarden) with hints of coriander and orange peel. There will also be a selection of seasonal beers. Oh, plus their whisky and gin. Awesome, and as an added bonus to the experience, they’re looking to plate a food item – either beer brats or fried chicken – to go with the beers (to be contracted out to a catering company).

Sean Bethune and Shae Dejaray are the two founders. Shae has a background in civil engineering, plus experience building and testing systems for breweries, and Sean is a mechanical engineer. They started brewing together on the deck of their Deep Cove home three years ago. At Deep Cove Brewery & Distillery, they have undertaken everything from the design to the construction. On board are brewmaster Kevin Emms, who met Shae at a brewing school in Scotland, and marketer Trish Garrat, who recently worked in sales for Central City Brewing. Expect to see them open in mid/late June.

[In the group photo from left to right: Shae Dejaray, Trish Garratt, Kevin Emms, Shawn Bethune]


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  1. Saw the opening in 5 days sign on side of road today and it made my day. Beer done right so close to home, heck yes!!!!!