TEA & TWO SLICES: On Kids Burning Town Houses And Adults Paying For Crack Videos


by Sean Orr | Maybe next time, instead of bothering with polls, just ask who Bob Rennie is voting for and that’s your winner. Clark thanks condo kings for their support.

Resistance is futile: Vancouver theatre faces a real tragedy. “Do Vancouver citizens really not care about the arts? Are we all too busy staring at our smartphones to realize that losing a great, live theatre venue like this is a tragedy?” Oh shut up, Hume. We’ve been fighting this fight for a lot longer than you. It’s far more likely that this war of attrition on culture has tired and deflated it’s most vocal critics, and now the corporate (yes, a mega-church falls into that category) takeovers are unstoppable.

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You play with fire, you’re bound to get burned: Last night we burned down a yuppie development on 1st Avenue near Victoria. Ha ha! So you burn down an unfinished town home in the middle of the night and people are supposed to be scared? Where I was growing up that was just called Friday night.

Complicit in conquest: Chief takes to Twitter to criticize ‘Empire Days’ moniker. “It seems to come up by people who kind of isolate some of their thinking” – Roy Linder, publicity co-ordinator for the Empire Days Society. So a leader of an entire nation’s stance can be reduced to isolated thinking?

Rob Ford still MIA on drug allegations as ‘crackstarter’ bid to buy video tops $75,000. Why doesn’t Nigel Wright just cut Rob a check so he can buy the video himself?

Marg Delahunty & Mike Duffy. “Smith and Wenson created a gun just for him. It doesn’t work and you can’t fire it”.

Is it getting hot in here? 2013 Expected To Be One Of Canada’s Top 10 Warmest Summers. No need to go to the beach. It will come to you.

Bonus: Microbes may prevent huge range of diseases. So the next time someone tells you to eat shit, just ask them “why, do I look pale?”

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  1. Miguel on May 22nd, 2013 3:58 pm

    “an entire nation’s stance”? I’ll have whatever you’re smoking. Came by this site by accident and… moving on!