The View From Your Window #154: A Rainy Start On The Rue De Temple In The Marais


A.M. | Rue de Temple (peekaboo Pompidou Centre) | Paris, France | 9:00am | SHARE YOUR VIEW

This one’s from me, Andrew (Scout’s editor). I’m travelling around France/Italy for the next month and though I won’t be posting about it on Scout all that much you can follow along as the trip develops on Instagram. The Vancouver office is open as usual (it’s just me here now), so don’t be surprised if you see more images of Strathcona and Kits than Trastevere and the Latin Quarter!

We love posting the photographs that reveal the views from our reader’s windows. Whether it’s a back alley in the fall or a sandy beach in high summer, we’re always stoked to see what you see from home, work or while on the road. Some of our all-time favourite reader submissions below…



2 Responses to “The View From Your Window #154: A Rainy Start On The Rue De Temple In The Marais”

  1. Fabien on May 20th, 2013 9:21 am

    Hi Andrew,
    As i see that you are currently in Paris and saw that the rainy weather will not bother you or disorient you, I highly recommend a new address that just opened by two associates that make me think a lot about Sean Heather for its ability to open new concepts in the same neighborhood. “La pointe du Groin” is the third establishment of these associates who do everything on site, bread, pies, pâtés, desserts and sandwiches especially to fall, all juste behind the counter and Brittany style with real butter everywhere. I’ll let you take a look at this French blog, but the place just opened and that place isn’t very famousvyet on blog. But I hope you find time to visit them because i really think and after few tests, can say that that place is worth it. I wish you an excellent stay in France and feel free to contact me if you need anything in Paris during your trip…

  2. Scout Magazine on May 20th, 2013 11:58 am

    Thanks for the tip, Fabien!