TEA & TWO SLICES: On Election Surprises And More Silly Fear Mongering In Gastown


by Sean Orr | Just as the Canucks could neither beat the San Jose Sharks nor the referees, the NDP could neither beat the Liberals nor the media. Or, in another hockey analogy, “the NDP must have consulted the Toronto Maple Leafs on how to hold a lead.”

And, again like the Canucks, taking the moral high ground gets you nowhere: Why did the NDP lose? Just as long as you don’t blame the Green Party, because “the only vote split that mattered was the one between the 48% who showed up and the 52% who couldn’t be fucking bothered”.

Which is exactly what the milquetoasts at The Tyee do: In a Greenless World, Would the NDP Have Won? Wherein their entire argument is predicated on the baseless assumption that every vote cast for the Greens would have been cast for the NDP. A more insightful question might be, what if the NDP backed the STV?

So how did the pollsters get it so wrong? Was it a conspiracy to keep the left apathetic? “Where the hell was Nate Silver on that one?”

The paradox of politics in BC c/o Dan Udey:

Looking at a map, it seems the coast vs the interior is our version of Red State vs Blue State.

Not my Gastown: Where Are the Olympic Street Cams When We Need Them?
And the silly fear-mongering continues. Mentioning the Boston Marathon bombings in the same breath as anti-gentrification protests, as much as I think they are misguided, is just cheap, sophomoric journalism.

Ah, but what do I know? I’m the Frances Fukuyama of Gastown gentrification. Because history has nothing to do with our current social conditions, right? Wow.

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