TEA & TWO SLICES: On Picketing Fancy Art Galleries And Going The Distance For Drugs

by Sean Orr | If ever an inbox needed flooding: Will social media change Canadian politics? Hasn’t happened yet. Yeah, because Twitter didn’t absolutely explode when he suggested child porn was an issue of personal liberty. Anyways, here is Mr. Flanagan’s email address. Let him know if you agree or disagree.

Tom Flanagan did not write the following article: Time to shutter Attawapiskat reserve 266. “Let’s be blunt.” But why? You’re the media. It’s not your job to be blunt. It’s to offer up insight into the thousand shades of grey that permeate any and every discussion of our colonial heritage and the damage incurred therein. Can’t do it? Quit and start a blog. We got jackets and everything.

Alberta now the bogeyman in B.C. election battle. Christy Clark: “We don’t need the federal government and we don’t need Alberta.” Hmm, maybe she’s gunning to be the new leader of the Western Canada Concept Party now that Doug Christie has resigned died.

Infowars: What does $1.3 billion and $2.75 buy you from TransLink? Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s the bureacracy of Translink that people complain about, like how the board is made up of hand-picked CEOs who know everything about chauffeurs and nothing at all about transit.

United We Can’s move to new site poses problems for Vancouver binners. From a different article we see what that problem actually is: “Drug dealers have congregated around United We Can on East Hastings to take advantage of binners who are paid cash once they return their bottles. “When we move, we will leave that problem behind”. Ah, so the major problem posed is that they will have to travel farther to buy drugs? Got it, thanks.

The People vs Gregor Robertson. Well, you’re bound to upset people when you walk the ridiculously tight line between developer handouts and social welfare, but that doesn’t mean I’d trust anyone else to run this city. Also, this is the first time I have seen the word “bumf” used.

And this is the second time: Dear Georgia Straight: it’s over – The Man played the long game, and he won. “Pure real estate ad copy and lifestyle bumf”.

VIVO evicted. Yup, while anti-gentrification protesters target fancy restaurants, another art venue gets shuttered. It’s really too bad that it’s the artists (hipsters) who are the evil people who actually cause gentrification. I smell a gallery picket on the horizon, and it stinks.

And speaking of hipsters: Vancouver church buying the Centre for Performing Arts. Wow, who knew that capitalizing on the anxieties and fears of young people would actually pay off?

Waste Coast: A Day at Green Burrito.

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