TEA & TWO SLICES: On Luongo’s Contract And How To Make That Much Money In BC

by Sean Orr | In the wake of today’s NHL Trade Deadline, which came and went with Luongo not being moved, the tweet of the day has to go to Pass it to Bulis:

TransLink head Ian Jarvis tops salary rankings for local government employees. Or, how to make as much money as Luongo: take hold of a quasi-government corporation like ICBC, BC Ferries or Translink; run it into the ground; cash-in.

The Russians Muslims Asians are coming! Whites to become minority in Metro Vancouver by 2031. Or, when racist jokes replace thoughtful commentary:

Question: What river separates China and India?

Answer: the Fraser River (which separates Richmond and Surrey).

Really? That’s just so cringeworthy.

Not to mention: Vancouver’s old Chinatown Still Here – As the city’s neighbourhood ‘revitalizes,’ its Chinese-speaking seniors struggle for resources. No, really — do not mention it.

Not helping: Violent protesters go off-menu. Wherein poor old Macleans enters the “Gentrification War” by inventing/editorializing it. I mean, destruction of property is pretty desperate, as is stealing a sign, but there’s no need to go and call it a war. Old coots.

Stephen Hume: Fraser Institute’s tax-exempt status makes mockery of its recent report. Keynes for the rich and Friedman for the poor.

New Dems Poised to Inherit a BC Shaped by Neoliberalism. Question is, what will they do to restore the social safety net?

Reason for walk makes Corporate Canada uncomfortable. Psst! I hear the Catholic Church has a bunch of money…

Speaking of money: The Trouble with FACTOR.

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  1. Hey Sean, as an Asian, gotta say that river joke’s pretty funny (on its own). Like Russel Peter said, when he goes to visit the motherland, he goes to England. Its been a pretty intresting few weeks though following the Chinese signs thing in Richmond which I was disappointed that only a few of the blogs seemed to cover. Is Tea & 2 Slices concentrated on downtown and immediate vicinity issues only? Ive seen the series on Chinatown in the Tyee but dont think i saw them cover the signs thing either – quite surprised there. There was one in the Straight from Stephen Hui (shitty): http://www.straight.com/blogra/362801/richmond-residents-outraged-because-they-cant-read-chinese-signs. And then a good one in the Vancouver Observer: http://www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/world/richmond-chinese-signage-debate-result-growing-transnationalism
    Vancity Buzz only mentioned it in a post about a Chinese only advertisement on a bus though the comments were the same there that were on the Straight and Sun pieces. The sole Richmond council member who supported further looks into the issue, Chak Au, was mentioned in big news articles but was written more extensively in local Richmond News: http://www.richmond-news.com/news/Improve+inter+race+relations/8137245/story.html

    This seems to be as contentious and possibly has a wider ramifications for the Lower Mainland than the DTES/gentrification issue but seems that the local blogs havent really jumped into the discussion as much. Even the “ethnic media” blogs/mags such as Schema or Rice Paper didnt seem to cover it.

    This seems to be as contentious and possibly has a wider ramifications for the Lower Mainland than the DTES/gentrification issue but seems that the local blogs havent really jumped into the discussion as much while the DTES/gentrification issue has been heavily covered. Even the “ethnic media” blogs/mags such as Schema or Rice Paper didnt seem to cover it. Didnt even see it discussed on the Asian Canadian Association of Journalists (or something like that) FB page though the Sun article was.

    Curious as to your take on it.

  2. Wait, didn’t the “anarchists” declare “fucking class war” in their post sign-theft manifesto (but with more capital letters)?

    It seems pretty churlish to call the folks at Macleans “old coots” for using the word “war” in a headline . . .or were you suggesting that it should have read “The gentrification fucking class war in East Vancouver”?

  3. Re. the Asian thing, it’s just ridiculous that a UBC professor would use it, and for him to delcare that racial enclaves here will be parallelled ownly by blacks and whites in America. This is of course ludicrous. Black were brought here as slaves and went through layers and layers of emancipation. I’m not denying that racism exists or that there is a disconnect, but to suggest Vancouver is to parallell that historic population divide- with symbols such as Frederick Douglas, Marcus Garvey, Rosa Parks, Jesse Owens, Maya Angelou, Jackie Robinson, George Washington Carver, Malcomn X, Martin Luther King Jr., The Black Panthers, Rodney King, and Barack Obama is extremely arrogant.

  4. Regarding the signs: I just feel like these people would complain about all the spanish in southern California. It’s not like you go to Tim Hortons and the fucking menu is in chinese. If you wanna go for chinese, go to the one that does have english. Seems like such a silly thing to take to council.

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