HEADS UP: Kitsilano’s 05 Tea Bar Set To Pair Rare Teas With Whiskies On April 21st

If you’ve never been before, the O5 Tea Bar is a sleek looking shop on West 4th dedicated to the art of tea. A few weeks ago it held a Raw Elements Tea + Spirits event that focused on Mezcal with Hawksorth bartender Jon Smolensky. The evening saw a mezcal tasting followed by a tea tasting and finished with a tea-infused mezcal punch (see shots above). The liquids were paired with canapes and chocolate, and it was awesomeness all round. The good news is that O5 is hosting a similar event in the near future and we thought you might want to know about it. The bad news? There is none.

The next Raw Elements Tea + Spirits is all about whisky. In addition to the in-house tea experts, O5 has invited whisky sommelier and amiable Bao Bei barman Guy Stowell to serve two whiskies paired with rare teas. He’ll also offer a creative bourbon cocktail for the finish. As with past events, sweet and savoury bites will be circulated throughout. Stoked.

Sunday, April 21 | 6:30pm | O5 Tea bar (2208 West 4th) | $30 | DETAILS

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