COOL THING WE WANT #380: A Compact, Super Light Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

All we need to have our thoughts turn squarely to camping is a bright, rainless sky (however fleeting), the passing of six months since the last overnighter, and finding this Blue Ridge Camping Hammock on the internets. The lightweight (4.25 lbs), weather resistant, bug-flummoxing, wholly convertible tent was designed especially for backpacking in rough terrain (mountainsides, jungles, river beds). | $139.99.


  • Mark

    The Hennessy camping hammocks are lighter weight, pack smaller and set up faster. Also, flat hammocks tend to flip, I don’t see anything that looks like it would prevent that on the Blue Ridge.

    Bonus, Hennessy is on Galiano Island!

  • Scout Magazine

    Thanks for the tip. That “Scout Classic” is looking good! ;-)