Cool Thing We Want #378: A Typographic Poster That Celebrates Vancouver Cuisine

We’ve been digging these typographic prints via Delicious City. They spell out the signature food items of over a dozen cities. There are plenty from the USA and some from Europe, but none at all from Canada, so we put our heads together and created one just for kicks, which you can find below…

Yeah, no halibut, oysters, ramen, or maple bacon donuts. We know. What else are we missing?


  • Yuri Artibise

    Great start, but it’s missing a beverage! What about $4 coffee or craft beer?

  • Lindah Vaginablister

    Its missing Brestaurants.

  • Sean Orr


  • Roni Lagin

    Thanks for featuring my print series. And the Vancouver-inspired mock-up.

    I’ve actually been thinking about prints for a Canadian city/cities. Send me a final list of foods and I’d be happy to put an actual poster together.

  • KK

    Lamb Popsicles! Grandma’s Chicken!

  • Stacy

    Love it! Did you send it to them?

  • Paul D

    No Curry or Kebabs on the London one? Clearly they haven’t been there in the last 40 years or so. Also Black Pudding is a distinctly Northern dish–think Lancashire, Yorkshire and North of Hadrian’s Wall.

    Seems like they learned everything they know about London from a book published in 1950.

  • leslie

    Beet and goat cheese salad. Its almost indecent how many menues its on.

  • Sean Orr

    yam fries

  • Winifred

    Donairs, shawermas, falafels!

  • Lindah Vaginablister

    Fat Tug and du maurier’s.

  • G Check

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