TEA & TWO SLICES: On Scandals, Parties, & The Wrong Place For A Homeless Shelter

by Sean OrrA new headache for the Clark government. So remember, there was the Porchgate scandal that Glenn Clark resigned over (he was later acquitted), something about Fast Ferries, and then Casinogate. The Liberals have clocked in with Ethnicgate, the BC Rail Scandal, Campbell arrested in Maui for DUI, the HST debacle, the lowballing of the deficit, the worst child poverty rate in Canada, the ICBC scandal, The Gateway Project, ripped up health contracts, BC Place leaky cables, the Canada Line fiasco, the Convention Centre boondoggle, the scheme to deny John Doyle another term, the Boessenkool affair, a bankrupt Translink, and a corrupt B.C Ferries. And McInnes says it’s not scandal-plagued?

Meanwhile, a political party without scandals.

Chavezgate: Harper’s response to the death of Hugo Chavez was both arrogant and baseless. But Stompin’ Tom, well…he sang about hockey so…

Andrew Cash and the NDP Caucus Sing “Bud the Spud” in a tribute to Stompin’ Tom Connors. I guess that’s kind of cute.

Sorry, but I told you so: Trucks plugging up Pattullo Bridge; Surrey mayor not happy. Tolling bridges is the new burning bridges.

‘This is the wrong placement for a homeless shelter’. That’s the exact same thing as saying the DTES is the wrong place for a fancy restaurant.

Related: Is Urbanism the New Trickle-Down Economics?

Boo: The Hive Creative Labs set to close in September.

Bonus: In Canada, even bus crashes are polite.

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