HONOUR BOUND: Injured Local Server To Get By With A Little Help From Her Friends

Tyler Greentree – a server at The Cascade and The Union for the past 7/8 years – needs some help…

As some of you may or may not know, our tiny Tyler Greentree has to undergo an operation in the coming months to replace her little hip. 7 years ago she suffered a car accident that contributed to a pain in her hip that has been getting worse over the years. In June 2012 she woke up one morning to a mounting pain that caused her to believe something much worse than an old injury was surfacing. After scans and MRIs it was revealed that she has severe osteoarthritis in her right hip. This means that both her femur and socket are breaking down and creating multiple bone spurs which make walking extremely painful and sometimes impossible. A full right hip replacement is the only option.

In February, Tyler was forced to leave her job as the mobility needed was not possible. She thought she would be able to endure and build her savings until May when her surgery is expected to happen, but this was by no means manageable. At this time she is living off minimal savings and a preposterous $84 a week from medical EI. How could anyone survive on this?

As for the operation, Tyler is on a cancelation list – it could happen next week or in May. The recuperation time is set between between 1.5 – 3 months, during which time she will not be permitted to do anything but the required physiotherapy excercises. Mobility will be limited to her lazy-boy (rental). Tyler is, as we know, an incredible trooper and is maintaining a very positive, light-hearted attitude. She is well taken care of, has a place to stay until the surgery and after and has all the love in the world from those around her. So this is why I’m reaching out, because I know that if we can channel all this love into a few dollars to help a sister out, the outcome will be a glowing web of support for our astonishing friend in need.

Your donations, however small, will be put to great use. They will see Tyler getting the pre and post operative care, nutrition and maintenance that she needs to prepare for and fully recover from this procedure. She is a very private person, so if this all comes as news to you, do not be upset. This surgery is literally going to give Greentree her life back, and that is a very good thing!

Those capable of helping Tyler out can do so here. Chin up, girl!

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  1. I had no idea Tyler, you are indeed a trooper. Donation made. Also I might add, that this is my first time having a photograph published 🙂

  2. Have you looked at the BC Hospitality Foundation??

    This is the very thing this organization was founded for.

    Perhaps you have heard of their successful campaign ” Tip Out to Help”

  3. Thank you Andrew Morrison and Scout Magazine for posting this.
    Am truly amazed and honored by all of the support and generosity that has been pouring in. A bit speechless, actually. Neil, I am working on my BCHF package right now- thanks for the tip! And thanks, Mr. Rio for your camera skills- 😉