AWESOME THING WE ATE #888: The Full-On Savage Beast Brunch Spread At Wildebeest

After a solid and successful morning Tsawwassen hunt on the weekend we hit up Wildebeest for brunch. Do people even know the popular West Hastings eatery also does brunch? Well, they do, and it easily rivals nearby league-leading Cafe Medina for best in show. We really enjoyed the snacky pork and polenta croquette and the granola with housemade yogurt lightened with fruit and honey, but the ass-kicker was the eponymous “Wildebeest Brunch”. That’s three scrambled eggs (fried by default), a few slices of Angus steak wet with peppercorn sauce, a smoked cheddar bierwurst cut down the middle to expose its sparkly sausaginess, a couple of slabs of thick cut bacon, a bowl of “thrice cooked” potatoes (amazing), and a pair of toasts. A daunting feast, to be sure, and pricey at $23, but it felt worth it, and it was made all the better by a couple of well-seasoned Caesar cocktails (Vancouver most capable and schooled brunch service bar by far). Equally good, half as much (in both price and size) and twice as decadent was the cranberry bread French toast topped with a spoon of fresh ricotta, many roasted apple wedges, and some vanilla chantilly — a pretty pile of sweetened awesome if ever there was one.

If you’ve yet to give Wildebeest a whirl in the daytime, now’s the time before word gets out and a line up starts to crystallize. Brunch is served from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and reservations are (for the time being) recommended but not essential. Book online or call 604-687-6880 for peace of mind. Supertip: the best fourtop in the house is Table 41.


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