TEA & TWO SLICES: On Vancouver Loving Oprah And City Hall’s Affection For The Arts

by Sean Orr | The Ghost of Politicians Past: In praise of Stephen Harper, the opposition MP who fought omnibus billsand proroguing parliament and senate appointments and probably a bunch of other stuff that we don’t even know about.  

Manitoba newspaper sparks furor with racist editorial. White people want it all but corruption and laziness prevent some of them from working for it. Instead, they become editors. [ed. note: hey!]

Bill C-304: Hate Speech Clause’s Repeal Gives White Supremacists Rare Moment Of Glee. Sorry, but for some reason I thought of the TV show Glee and then I pictured a white supremacist version of it and then I laughed because that is funny.

Just throw in some anti-environmental, market fundamentalist rhetoric and you got yourselves a newspaper! Eco-activists should show more concern for jobs. Yes, all ‘eco-activists’ envision a beautiful utopia where nobody works and glorious dancing angel-babies gather herbs in the waning sun, and the men climb trees in the day and the woman menstruate freely all over the place.

A victory for the Renaissance Fair re-enactment scene in Vancouver: Mayor of Vancouver: City announces launch of new creative space with The Arts Factory. Since when is art ever economically viable? Answer: whenever it’s being made for movie props. Le sigh.

And then there’s the case of Red Gate. So the city couldn’t help when their West Hastings address was sold to a developer to make way for a Granville Strip food “warehouse” and a cross-fit training centre? OK fine, but it was a re-emerging Red Gate that pretty much led them to their “new creative space” at 281 Industrial Avenue! I mean, what a total dis! On the bright side, people will now be able to fairly employ the term Red Gategate.

Cult of Personality: Vancouver Loves Oprah. Yeah? That’s because Vancouver hates itself.

Aw, but it can’t be that bad. Hey, let’s see what’s over at Vancity Buzz The Province: Meet the lingerie model from Pitt Meadows who is having Jeremy Renner’s baby. Yeah nope. No thanks.

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