ALLEY CHAIRS #2: A Love Letter To The Abandoned Seating That Lives Among Us

Seldom does one find a Vancouver alleyway that doesn’t showcase the story of some abandoned chair…

What I like here is the fact that this thing is most likely part of a set of 6 to 8 earth-toned, textured velour, and TASSELED dining chairs. It’s sort of the seating equivalent of a mullet; sensible 90’s neutral in the front, sassy and swingy do-dad accessories in the back. The former owners decorated with a lot of dried flowers in brass vases and drank their Wolf Blass chardonnay out of painted novelty wine glasses.


Nicole Arnett is a local business woman, semi-professional eater and an enthusiastic collector of both lovely and ridiculous things. Should you ever find yourself driving behind her, be prepared for sudden stops if abandoned chairs are in the vicinity. If see any good ones around town, snap a photo and note the location before sending it to There’s a family of them growing at

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