TEA & TWO SLICES: On Grapes’ Wrath And Sensationalism As Newsmaker Of The Year

by Sean OrrEditorial: There’s something for all in Christmas tradition and ritual. Yawn. The Vancouver Sun rehashes the tired War on Christmas sentiment. It’s just been re-worded (by a 7 year old?): “Among children, anticipation of the magic day becomes palpable in its barely suppressed excitement”. Yeah? My rage became palpable in its barely repressed fury when I read that. Humbug.

Speaking of outrage, by now I guess everyone has had time to be thoroughly pissed off by CP’s decision to choose alleged killer Luka Magnotta as Newsmaker of the Year. Not Enbridge, not the Quebec student protests, not Idle No More, not the Omnibus bills, not even the NHL lockout. Go figure, media.

Worst headline of the year (at least according to my short attention span): Stephen Harper’s seven-year itch looks muddle-of-the-road, non-ideological. Support for Israel’s war/invasion of Gaza; the refusal to meet with Chief Spence; limits to reproductive rights = non-ideological? “The prime minister dished up a textbook example to close out a year of mixed government signals and muddling along”. Seriously, WTF.

Bieber Derps Harper Over IDLE NO MORE. Say what you will about his music, his style, and his sexualization of pre-teens – Bieber is a true Canadian. Also I’m pretty sure I cried during his Christmas Special, but…

Best new twitter? Don Cherry, FTW:

Idiots everywhere: Burnaby Boxing Day shoppers call 911 to get out of traffic.

Which one is it? British Columbians feeling financially optimistic or British Columbians less optimistic about money in 2013 than the rest of Canada? I know we’re sort of a bi-polar society, but this is just ridiculous. It’s also completely indicative of the arbitrary nature of the economy, not to mention the sheep-like reporting of the corporate news media.

On Bubbles, Brent, and Brentwood: Vancouver’s biggest real estate stories of 2012.

Super not upset that I wasn’t mentioned: Word up! A look back at Vancouver’s 2012 in quotes.

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