GOODS: Vancouver Urban Winery Releases Their Own “Roaring Twenties” Wine Label

Vancouver Urban Winery is located at 55 Dunlevy Ave in Vancouver BC | 604-566-9463 |

The GOODS from Vancouver Urban Winery

Vancouver, BC | Vancouver Urban Winery officially has launched their first wine label: Roaring Twenties Wine Co.. Currently available throughout the BC market, the label will initially release a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand and a Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina, both with suggested retail of $14.99.

Roaring Twenties Wine Co. is a local brand with an international story. While creating a typical winery can take several years – vines need to ripen, grapes crushed and fermented, and finally, finished wines produced – the unique concept of an “urban” winery offers a new perspective where grapes and finished wines are sourced elsewhere. Without a vineyard in sight, young wine lovers and travel enthusiasts Steve Thorp and Mike Macquisten set out on a wine hunt of their own. With a third friend in tow to document the adventure on film, the crew headed to the two wine regions they have always enjoyed drinking from most.

Mendoza, Argentina for its fruit forward Malbec and Marlborough, New Zealand for its world renowned Sauvignon Blanc. Highlights included cellar interviews with local winemakers and hands on experiences in multiple vineyards to learn just what makes each varietal so unique and special in these amazing wine regions. The pair visited over 50 wineries in each country in search of their favourite wines. Sharing these great wines along with the knowledge learned and fun had on their adventure is what Roaring Twenties Wine Co. is all about.

Roaring Twenties Wine Co. 750ml bottles can be found at the Vancouver Urban Winery and in a growing number of private retail liquor stores throughout British Columbia. See below for a current list of partnering stores. Each varietal is also available in stainless steel kegs via FreshTAP (, wine-on-tap at select licensees around BC and Alberta.


Our passion for wine is matched only by our passion for travel. Roaring Twenties Wine Co. began as a desire to bring those passions together and call it “work.”

The adventure all started in our “Roaring Twenties” which became the inspiration for the brand. Although a couple years have passed, the fun continues.

Our goal is to find wines that best express the places we travel – the sights, smells, flavours, and characters – so that we can bring them back to share with our friends.

We hope enjoying this wine will inspire you to explore your passion.


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Media Contact:
Steve Thorp
+1 604 566 9463

Contact for updated partner lists.


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Vancouver Urban Winery
55 Dunlevy Ave | Vancouver BC V6A3A3
Telephone: 604-566-9463
Web: | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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The People Who Make It Happen

Steve Thorp | Co-Founder, COO
Mike Macquisten | Co-Founder, CEO
Wayne Holm | Partner
Kate Marshall | Facility Coordinator
Tony Trieu | Design, Logistics
Kelly Symonds | Winemaker
David Stansfield | Sommelier

About Vancouver Urban Winery

Vancouver Urban Winery is located two blocks off Gastown in the historic heart of Vancouver’s Railtown. The 7,700 square foot urban winery is the first of its kind in Vancouver and also operates as a unique special events space. The winery features a tasting bar where consumers can learn about British Columbia wines, and the exploding wine-on-tap category.

Alongside the tasting bar sits a boutique wine shop full of local items, wine merchandise, artisan foods and beverages……and plenty of wine!

The winery manufactures, packages, imports and distributes wine for multiple brands including Roaring Twenties Wine Co. The operations of FreshTAP, which specialize in packaging quality wines in stainless steel kegs for the emerging wine-on-tap category also takes place within the Vancouver Urban Winery.

As an urban winery the business is not attached to a specific vineyard. This enables the winery to source wine grapes and finished product from any appellation in the world.

The urban winery concept brings the consumer closer to the winemaking experience in a more meaningful way than a simple wine bar or retail space might. Wine aficionados traditionally travel to remote areas to learn about winemaking firsthand and to taste the offerings of a wine producer in the setting in which they were made. Now, many urban dwellers can hop in their car for a short drive, take public transport or even walk to enjoy an authentic winery experience.

There are 2 comments

  1. Does the BC wine industry really need more “Cellared in Canada” wine sourced on the bulk market?

    My loonies will be going to support real BC wineries , not urban bottling plants.

  2. Just to clarify….. our wines are not categorized as “cellared in Canada” as they are 100% varietal specific from the countries we travelled. They don’t compete directly with any BC wineries as that was the whole reason we wanted to travel and find our favorites in two amazing wine regions. Not shipping glass all around the world in bottles lowers the cost and makes an awful lot more sense too.
    Come check it all out in person anytime at the winery! Keep buying BC, and if you’re looking for a NZ Sauv Blanc, give us a try! Thanks for the support