Cool Thing We Want #365: A Do It Yourself “Proud Poutine” Kit, Because What The Hell

Proud Poutine Kit | | $29.95 | Details

We’re sticklers for quality poutine here at Scout, but we also like to try the weird stuff, too. This bag of tricks from Montreal Calgary-based company counts as super weird. The Proud Poutine kit contains ingredients for cheese curds AND gravy. All you have to do is round up some potatoes for the fries and you’re set. The argument against? “Deconstructed poutine in a bag from Calgary for $30? Erm, no.” Yeah, but to us, that’s just not compelling enough to steer us away. The winning argument for? “You only live once, and it sounds wicked fun. Give it a shot!” Done. Order online or check it out for yourself when Make Cheese hits Got Craft at the Croatian Cultural Centre on December 8 & 9.


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