SEEN IN VANCOUVER #415: New Grocery “Organic Acres” Opens At 3603 Main Street

You might recognize Vijay Ramcharitar and Elaine Simandl from your travels through the navel of Granville Island Public Market. It was there that, until recently, they ran a much smaller version of their new store, Organic Acres. The new location at 3603 Main (off 20th) gives them a bit more space to stretch and a lot more shelving to fill with everything from quick boxes of macaroni and cans of organic black beans to fair trade chocolate and crispy kale. It’s pretty great spot, so if you dig independent and locally owned neighbourhood businesses (yeah you do), then check it out for yourself.

  • Organic Acres
  • Organic Acres
  • Organic Acres
  • Organic Acres
  • Organic Acres
  • Organic Acres
  • Organic Acres


There are 4 comments

  1. I had a mild panic attack and a belly full of sadness earlier this week as I found my favorite Granville Island vegetable stand was GONE! Great news seeing this- congratulations to Vijay and Elaine, the new place looks fabulous!

  2. It’s good to see they have a bigger space now, although I will miss them on Granville Island. GI will somehow need to fill the organic void.

  3. Great to see Organic Acres up and running on Main Street. Their beautiful store is full of organic and fair trade goodies! Worth a trip over there – it’s a nice space on a handy corner at 20th. Best of luck and success to you guys – I’ll be back.

  4. Awesome, bright, space with great products! Thank you so much for joining the neighborhood!

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