GOODS: Diva At The Met Introducing Food Truck-Inspired Items During Lunch Service

Diva at the Met is located at 645 Howe Street in Vancouver BC | 604-602-7788 |

The GOODS from Diva at the Met

Vancouver, BC | Diva at the Met, located in the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver, takes street-eats to the next level with food truck-inspired lunch features. Leading the lineup is the Diva Corndog, a handmade gourmet corndog that consists of a sweetbread sausage battered in buttermilk and cornmeal and topped with truffle mayo, grainy mustard and homemade sauerkraut for $17.

Executive Chef, Hamid Salimian, puts his creative twist on trendy food truck basics. From the Diva Corndog to tricked-out fries, gourmet sammies and killer curries and kabobs; this rotating menu offers a selection of lunch items that will tempt any palate.

“In creating our food truck-inspired dishes we were looking at fun ways to reinvent some of those classic street foods that people crave,” said Salimian. “We’ve taken the basics and amped them up with the high-end ingredients and bold flavours that guests expect from Diva.”

Kicking off the new lunch theme will be Korean fries consisting of Yukon potato fries topped with pork belly, kimchi, green onions and nori powder; a grilled mortadella sandwich with basil, tomato, pickled hot peppers and truffle mayo served on a fresh ciabatta bun; and a chicken Thai curry on rice with cilantro and peanuts.

Diva at the Met’s food truck menu items are available starting on Wednesday, November 14. Each week three new gourmet street-eats will be available on the menu, with the Diva Corndog as the anchor item throughout the ten-week run. Prices for the dishes range from $14 to $17. Check after the leap for a sample of what guests can expect to enjoy as part of Diva’s food truck dishes…

Food Truck Fries:

Montreal fries – Yukon potato fries covered with tender braised brisket, gravy and cheese curds

Turkish fries – crisp fries topped with Turkish sausage, fresh basil, ripe tomato, feta and parsley

Louisiana fries – golden fries topped with crispy sweetbread and Tabasco mayo

Gourmet Sandwiches:

Pulled pork – 24-hour, slow-cooked pork shoulder on a sesame seed bun dressed with coleslaw and havarti cheese

Vietnamese sub – a classic sub bun filled with BBQ chicken, fresh cucumber, pickled carrot topped with a smear of hoisin sauce

Fennel Salami – Diva’s own fennel salami with spicy peppers, fresh pesto and ripe tomato on a mini baguette

One Pot Wonders:

Persian kabob – kabob koobideh served with black tail rice, grilled tomato and sumac

Braised short ribs – tender braised short ribs with parsley, dry lime and kidney beans on basmati rice

Coconut curry – aromatic coconut and lamb curry served over a bed of rice and topped with mint and fried onions


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Telephone: 604-602-7788
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The People

Restaurant Manager: Corey Bauldrey
Executive Chef: Hamid Salimian

About Diva At The Met

Diva at the Met, located in the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver, is an award-winning restaurant attracting guests both locally and from around the world with its innovative Cascadian cuisine, firmly rooted in the bounty of the region. Executive Chef Hamid Salimian brings a true respect for ingredients and a reputation for highlighting them through both traditional and modern cooking techniques. He takes Diva’s Cascadian cuisine to the next level with his creative, contemporary approach.

Chef Salimian focuses on working with the region’s best farmers, fishers, and artisanal producers to develop relationships that, combined with Vancouver’s unique multicultural influences, result in Diva’s menus having a unique sense of place, traceability and creativity.

Diva’s refined, contemporary setting reflects the company’s approach to redefining the standard in luxury hotel restaurants – Diva at the Met is a culinary force in its own right. Fittingly, the culinary team takes centre stage at the open kitchen, which offers an additional six guest seats. Four distinct seating elevations in the restaurant offer a total of 120 seats and a range of dining experiences, beginning with a bar and lounge area at the street-front entry, and leading to the three separate dining levels.


“It is entirely appropriate that the food at the well-named Diva at the Met makes your tastebuds sing.” – Vancouver Sun, 2010

Sous Chef Jeff Kang wins the B.C. Chef of the Year title at the Roasted Competition, presented by the BC Chefs’ Association and the Canadian Culinary Federation.

Sous Chef Jeff Kang wins both the Fetzer Great Beginnings Appetizer and Wine Challenge at the 2011 Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival.

Georgia Straight Newspaper’s Golden Plates Awards (2011) Readers’ Choice, Best Hotel Restaurant: Diva at the Met (Bronze)

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  1. “Hey Chef, those food trucks are stealing our business”

    “Hmm … how about we create food truck dishes and charge twice the price?”

    *Maniacal laughter

  2. hey geebs, i don’t think businessmen about to do a high end hotel power lunch with clients suddenly decide to have street truck bbq sauce dribble down their chins instead. it’s quizno’s and taco del mar and other places like that who are way more likely to feel that burn. not all intentions have a dark agenda.