AWESOME THING WE ATE #879: Beef And Blue Sandwich With French Onion “Au Jus”

Roast Beef Sandwich with French Onion Soup | $9 | East of Main Cafe | 223 East Georgia

This might just be the best sandwich since the peameal bacon number landed at Big Lou’s in the summer. It was a nice-sized roast beefer with globs of blue cheese soaking up roasted shallot demi and horseradish aioli; all covered by arugula in a perfectly toasted, garlic butter-lathered bun from The Swiss Bakery (check the action shot on Instagram). It was sold as a sandwich with a cup of the soup of the day, which just happened to be French Onion. Once the cheese/bread cap was removed from the soup, the whole thing became a pretty decadent beef dip operation, and there was much rejoicing.


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  1. Remember Scout used to offer actual reviews of stuff rather than just “pimp” stuff that probably frequents the sidebar to your right? —–>


  2. Not sure what you’re on about here, Thomas, and it’s equally unclear to me why your comments have taken a dark turn of late. You’ve been a serial negative commenter during the four years that you have been a daily reader of Scout, and your regular poops/missives have given us no end of entertainment and genuine food for thought. Out of the many dozens of comments that you’ve left for us, I can only recall one of them as being benign, and that was a “my condolences” note left on a eulogy I wrote for one of my best and oldest friends who passed away last year. I thought that was very sweet of you.

    But what’s up with you lately, though? I have no idea.

    For the record – and as a long-time reader you should know this – Scout doesn’t review restaurants. It’s not our bag. And for what it’s worth, I just checked the archive of Awesome Thing We Ate and found that about 50% of the posts weren’t adoring reach-arounds for Scout members (as you allude). By what of the remaining 50%, you ask? Well, they’re also just things that we’ve eaten and especially enjoyed. Because of the system we have set up, Scout members are curated for reliability and they get to pimp themselves. They have no need of any additional pluggery, and nor do they get any.

    So what if we ate a really tasty sandwich yesterday and wrote a post about it? Not everything is sinister. Not everyone is corrupt. It was a good sandwich, and we write whatever the fuck we want. Full stop.

    Nevertheless, as always, your continued patronage is appreciated.

  3. I rarely ever comment here anymore but decided to today. Really great use of the phrase “reach-around”. Try to use it more often.

  4. You’re absolutely right and I apologize. I’ll lay off the negative/cynical comments.

  5. Now if you could cut down on the use of “curated” that would be great.

    I don’t know why but it just bugs me.

  6. Right there with you on that. Its overuse bugs me, too. “Considered”? I dunno. Stuff that is good that we like. Like that we stuff that is good. Good that we like that we stuff.

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