TEA & TWO SLICES: On The Politics Of Popularity And Glorifying Public Transport

by Sean Orr | B.C.’s Christy Clark is the second-least popular premier in Canada, while the B.C. NDP’s Adrian Dix tied as the most popular Opposition leader in the country. Look at that little populist timbit with the Tim Hortons! The only way things could get more hilarious is if they enlisted Mr. Jetski himself, Stockwell Day. Oh, fractious right! You’ve got another thing Cummins.

A ten lane megalith to peak oil: Port Mann Bridge free for first week. “Transportation Minister Mary Polak arrived in a red convertible wearing sunglasses and a scarf, ala Grace Kelly in the 50’s or 60’s, when the original Port Mann Bridge opened”. Which is exactly where the mindset of the current government is at.

So of course there is no money for transit: Delays, fewer buses expected due to Translink cash crunch, chairwoman warns. Maybe it’s time we start glorifying the bus like we do with car ads.

Activists say police assaulted them for handing out newspapers at SkyTrain station. Cue a new chant: information is a crime/from Iraq to the Expo Line!

We need a hero: Suspect sought as six new faregates tagged with graffiti at Canada Line station. Aww, he was just trying to inject a little life into the dull grey and yellow concrete aura that permeates our transit infrastructure.

Related: Fare Evaders the New Gate Jumpers, a manifesto:

They say the gates will make us safer. How? Is it because people who are poor and rejected by society pose a threat to public safety or is it the continuing gentrification to segregate poor from the rich? Public transit is supposed to be for all, as long as you have money.

Rifflandia is the bomb: Victoria bus bomb scare prompted by harmless package. I don’t see why anyone would want to bomb the legislature. It’s not like any of the politicians are actually at work.

I feel so proud: Mining company Teck Resources admits polluting U.S. waters; damage to be assessed. “Whatcha doing in ma waters motherlicker“?

Oh, neat! Only like 20 years too late! Vancouver yard-trimmings carts will now take all biodegradable material. Seriously, the first fucking Earth Day was in 1992.

Denman Cinemas in Vancouver’s West End to close at the end of September. Who wants to bet that it becomes a massive complex of Greek tavernas, chain restaurants, and gelaterias?

Dancing about architecture: An interactive encyclopedia of traditional house styles and their architectural components. AKA pornography for heritage buffs.

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