INSTAVAN: Five Awesome Local Folks That You Should Follow On Instagram This Week

One of the more enjoyable means of procrastination in the Scout office these days has been tracking the best and most unique local users of Instagram. It’s been so much fun that we’ve decided to launch a new weekly photo column today in which we single out five accounts that we think you should check out, too. If you’d like to get our attention, make sure you’re following us and tag one of your shots of with #scoutmagazine. To start, we’re stoked to share the rather straightforward account of The Brave Bull, the little steakhouse on the corner of East Hastings and Clark. They only ever seem to use this facet of social media to post photos of raw meat, which makes it far and away one of the most appetizing (if hilariously one dimensional) food porn accounts out there. Check the next four after the jump…


jeremykoreski is a phenomenal landscape and surf photographer, and a must-follow for anyone who likes to occasionally be blown away by their Instagram feed. As one of his many fans recently noted: “Ma, Jeremy. You don’t even Instagram. You Perfectgram.” We wholeheartedly concur.


jngrasso is a well known, well-travelled, well-liked journeyman chef with a keen eye for the absurd and the delicious. His passion for the restaurant life is as inspiring as it is infectious. He was lately of La Quercia, and is now at Tacofino on East Hastings.


It’s disconcerting that the principal/creative director of a boutique brand building company can get out and about as much as coryripley. This guy is everywhere and has the photos to prove it.


Phoebe and Aren at local design company Glasfurd & Walker get out and about quite a bit, but what we really dig about their Instagram account is how they’ve started to document their work. Want to see what it was like to work on Meat & Bread, the Restaurant Rumble, or the imminent Wildebeest restaurant on Hastings? We sure do! And we always want to be clued in to what they’re up to next. Our only wish – as is the case with most of the above – is that they’d take and share more photos! Perhaps with a whole whack of new followers they’ll be inspired to take more!


  • andrea

    How’s the steak at the Brave Bull? Always wanted to go there but guess I never made a point of it…. or perhaps I was cynically worried I’d ultimately like the old signs out front better than the food… but heck. Their instagram feed is incredibly endearing… steak is steak?

  • Andi Quote
  • Brave Bull

    **NEWS FLASH ** BRAVE BULL’S HOUSE OF STEAK OWNERS ARE RETIRING. This East Vancouver institution is closing its doors forever .

    Linda and Frank are finally RETIRING AFTER 24 YEARS!! Last day for restaurant business is Sunday, September 2, 2012.

    SALE STARTS MONDAY – LABOUR DAY SEPT. 3, 2012 — 12:00 NOON to 5:00 PM – SELLING RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT , SUPPLIES, tables, chairs, decorations, utensils, glasses, cups, plates, freezers, AND MORE . Come and check it out.


    or JUST DROP BY AND WISH Frank & Linda luck in their GOLDEN YEARS!! They would LOVE TO SEE YOU, TOO.