HEADS UP: Fashion Creatives Get Ready For “Our Social Fabric” Sale This Saturday

by Claudia Chan | If you have a sewing project in mind or on the go, there’s a recycled textile sale going down this Saturday that you should totally scope out. Our Social Fabric hosts monthly fill-a-bag sales out of a warehouse full of untouched, quality sample fabrics on the DTES. They carry a wide range of wools, cottons, linens, polyester blends, and technical fabrics that are donated to them by the film industry, factories and production facilities.

OSF is a recently founded. local non-profit that rescues excess fabric from going to waste and encourages Vancouverites to repurpose the material for their own creative endeavours. It’s often quickly overlooked but textiles are in fact one of the most common household items. In 2006, it was noted that Metro Vancouver sends an astounding 16kg per person to the landfill! OSF hopes to change this trend through textile collection and re-use by fostering a creative and environmentally conscious spirit amongst members of the community. So get a-crafting already! Swing by to see what they have in store at 1631 Powell from 11AM – 2PM this Saturday, August 18th.


Claudia Chan is an advocate of all things green. Born and raised in Vancouver, she is inspired by the work of local urban farmers, eco artists and policy makers who make this city the most lush and livable to work and play in. Her mission with Scout and her “Greenlight” column is to impart her enthusiasm for bike lanes, community gardens, farmers’ markets and more to her fellow Vancouverites.

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